2-Post Hydraulic lift
  Two-post Hydraulic Lifts
Product Description

AA-2PFP45  &  AA-2PFP45E

         Capacity 4.5T


1.       More advanced, accurate arm lock.

2.       Power unit tested under 5.5T loading capacity.

3.       2 sides Manual Release & Electrical Release

4.       4 sets different height adaptor, suitable for more cars

5.       Door opening protection rubber pads

6.       Toe protector with tools tray.

7.       Height limited switch make sure no over raise

8.       Chain protector with meter let you know how high the lift is.

9.       Slot for height adaptor, neat appearance and convenient operation.

10.     Technology innovation : 8 bent post is 5 times higher strength than traditional 6 bent post.  

          Post at easy working state, make sure long working life and more safe operation.

11.     Technology innovation : carriage basement is formed by integrated bent, the strength is 6

          times higher than traditional welded by 3 pcs. Arm lock more accurate makes the lift safer.

12.     Technology innovation: Arm lock is die-casted by powder metallurgy material.

          More teeth griped better. Lateral tension is 8 times higher than traditional arm lock.

13.     Innovation Technology : After innovating the arm lock, carriage, safety lock, and power

          unit, the complete lift can load 6,5T huge capacity !

14.     CE approved.